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fifa coins trader the opening match of the 23 year old
10:42 PM on Apr. 27, 2014
Comparison At the World Cup, Germany is only 8 years, 1998-2006, Germany soccer has gone through the bottom. In 2000, the European Cup, Germany team group stage was eliminated, Portugal 3-0, Rücker team captains and Bierhoff Failed 2002 World Cup, while Germany won the runner-up, but all the way into the finals did not encounter strong teams Dang Germany team was the defending champion who set off at the Euro 2000, they can't expect the fiasco that followed. Although And in England, Portugal and Romania share the Group of death, but no one would question Germany's stable and strong.But ribbeck's team ended up with 1 draw and 2 defeats only scoring 1 goal shame end Panel in the bottom of the transcript.Germany Battle was born in up to 9 people, a post veteran, is temporarily chouzhuangding even the 39 year old Matthaeus, Germany football As reflected by the lack of talent. It is worth mentioning that, as a disgrace that Germany only from The summer of 2000, hit by the Germany Football Association stepped up its efforts to train young players, and worked out a very Scientific rigour to the ten-year plan. Average annual investment of 20 million euros for youth culture, also established a comprehensive network of Training system for youth football levels.Four years after the euro, uphold the Germany Football Association When a large number of the century child matures,fifa coins trader Germany football gradually began to enter the season of harvest. In 2006Home World Cup, Klinsmann's young team has played an important role in RAM in the opening match of the 23 year old scored The first ball of the World Cup, 22, shiweiyinshitaige long shots to break twice in three or four finalists in the force captured Portugal,21-year-old Podolski is with excellent play won the best newcomer award. Young Germany team into four Strong created the Germany World Cup, Loew after Klinsmann took over his position, two extraordinary relationshipsGermany's rejuvenation strategy continues. The 2008 European Cup, Kahn, and Ernst Schneider and other veterans Have been excused, teluohuofusiji and replaced by Adler, and Rolfes, offensive line was absorbed on Al Gore Max Super Nova.

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